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What is Headache and How to Relieve your Headache Naturally ?

Once in a while experience, many people have a type of headache. There are many factors that caused this problem, such as stress, tension, noise, lack of sleep called a sinus blockage, but a few.

What are the types of headaches?

There are more than 150 types of headache. They fall into two main categories: primary and secondary headaches.

Primary headaches

Primary headaches are those that aren’t due to another medical condition. The category includes:

      • Cluster headaches.
      • Migraine.
      • New daily persistent headaches (NDPH).
      • Tension headaches.

Secondary headaches

Secondary headaches are related to another medical condition, such as:

      • Disease of blood vessels in the brain.
      • Head injury.
      • High blood pressure (hypertension).
      • Infection.
      • Medication overuse.
      • Sinus congestion.
      • Trauma.
      • Tumor.

People who are prone to headaches, several alternatives to solve the problem, they range from prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs to treat headaches natural. Here is a list of some natural alternatives that you can to eliminate this condition.

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Exercise is highly regarded, a very effective solution to stop the pain of headaches. Perform light exercise during the development of a headache or common migraine can successfully get rid of pain quickly.

Have you also relieve them, in them, because sudden changes can make your condition much worse.

Aromatherapy is considered one of the biggest headaches natural treatments you can do at home. Just note that it is a little different for everyone because some people associate different smells with different things. On the other hand, there are only a few flavors, which differ from the rest, as headache relievers that contain peppermint, sandalwood, lavender and eucalyptus.

Essential oils can do wonders, outside of the fragrance they emit. These essential oils to massage your throbbing headache may relieve pain, this is due to the fact that massage stimulates and relaxes the touch is one of the most amazing healers. But note that, with or without these essential oils are trying to have someone of knee across your shoulders and neck. After that, you ask them to press the base of your skull with his fingers and slowly release.

This treatment of headaches natural mentioned are very simple and requires no expensive drugs to get. You can search the Internet for other resources that may also find useful in your state.

Natural headache relief

Benefits of Peppermint Oil: Uses, Side Effects & Research

Some people feel more comfortable seeking natural headache relief, in the form of plant-based or mineral supplements. Some of the most widely used preparations include:

  • Butterbur, an herb derived from plants in the genus Petasites
  • Feverfew, A daisy-like flower native to Europe
  • Peppermint oil, a culinary herb
  • Magnesium, a mineral
  • Coenzyme Q10, an enzyme found in mitochondria, the energy factories of our cells
  • Vitamin B12
Chemical structure of coenzyme Q10.
Chemical structure of coenzyme Q10.

Consult your doctor before taking any of these supplements, as they can interact with medications to treat headaches or other conditions. The FDA does not regulate the effectiveness or safety of these products.


Other natural headache relief

If your own natural headache remedies aren’t effective, consider alternatives, such as:

  • Acupuncture: According to traditional Chinese beliefs, acupuncture works by affecting the flow of energy through pathways that run through the body.
  • Psychotherapy: This can help you manage the effects that headaches have on your life, as well as the stresses and anxieties that may aggravate your pain.
  • Physical therapy: This can provide relief for tension headaches and migraines by relaxing the tense muscles that commonly accompany tension and migraine headaches.


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